Jack Knowles

Hailing from the West Midlands, Jack Knowles is commonly found travelling the globe or more frequently, on your TV screen.

Recently appearing on Made Television’s brand-new dating show “Game of Attraction”, Jack was dubbed the ultimate gentleman of the series and voted the favourite to couple up with by 6 of the 8 girls from the start. Chasing off the fierce competition in the line-up of chic entrepreneurs, models and charismatic characters, Jack has risen to become a national heartthrob with viewers up until the final of the series.

Jack’s success with the ladies is not the only string to his bow – Founder and CEO of dating app “Temptr”, the suave entrepreneur has helped thousands including an array of celebrity pals to find a match in over 60 countries. Rivalling the likes of Tinder, Jack has the art of flirting and dating down to a tee, oozing bundles of charm, sophistication and cheekiness, all wrapped into one package… Jack Knowles.

Available for Personal Appearances and DJ bookings, Jack can be reached at (info@soundagents.co.uk) or by swiping right on Temptr!